A Lifetime with a Blanket

Despite the obvious seasonality of blankets, blankets feature in almost every stage of our lives. From first born to adolescence to adulthood, you will always find comfort in a blanket!

You will always find comfort in a blanket!

Love Jacaranda recently debuted our gorgeous wares at our first night-time market, fittingly on a rather chilly Highveld winter evening.  We hung our toasty scarves and shawls, unpacked blankets and throws of varying weaves and designs and fitted snug crates full of doggy blankets. We were ready to trade!

It was so exciting to start chatting to our first customers, telling the Love Jacaranda story, but even more so, hearing about theirs. We later reflected that despite the obvious seasonality of blankets, winter being an ideal time to purchase an instrument of “snug and cosy”, that blankets feature in almost every stage of our life:

When we are first born

We are wrapped in a receiving blanket - a small lightweight blanket, made from thin soft material. The term was first used in 1926 and got its name from the custom of wrapping a new-born child, before he or she was received by the mother for the very first time.


When blankets are the instruments of our imagination – during the day one can double as a superhero cape, a make-believe tent or a barrier to hide behind in a scary movie. And when the sun sets, we are bundled into bed with our 'blankie' for a good night’s rest.

During adolescence

Our favourite blanket provides comfort and familiarity as we endure long nights of studying. There is nothing better than curling up with it, a good book and mug of coffee on a rainy day or having it keep us warm as we enjoy a campfire, toasting marshmallows in the company of friends.


This brings with it a plethora of new responsibilities and experiences. It may well be the very first time that we purchase our own blanket or a throw to decorate a newly acquired home or to disguise an - um – ‘gently used’ couch. A decorative throw is an easy and cost-effective way to change the look of a room.

Significant events

Blankets feature significantly in weddings, either on a gift registry or as a traditional symbol. For example, marriage in traditional Sotho weddings, where Basotho Heritage Blankets are worn over the shoulders of the bride and groom. Cherokee (Native American) wedding ceremonies also involve wrapping the couple in separate blankets and then in one blanket to symbolise the past separate lives and the couple’s dedication to their future.


As we mature, we tend to live out our blanket experiences in new, albeit familiar ways, holding our grandchildren in their receiving blankets, crawling into their make believe tents, draping a blanket around an industrious student with a hug of encouragement to “keep at it”, passing down a well-worn family favourite to a new starter home, celebrating the union of marriage and perhaps even lying on a picnic blanket looking up at the stars, reflecting on a life well lived.

We hope Love Jacaranda can be part of your season and reason and that you will always find comfort in a blanket!

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