Young Designers Collection: Mokorotlo Cobalt Blue Yolk (Limited Edition)

R 1,450.00

Young Designers Collection: Mokorotlo Cobalt Blue Yolk (Limited Edition)

R 1,450.00
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Product description

Masikane Masike has designed the Mokorotlo blanket. 

The Mokorotlo blanket is worn by every Mosotho, everyone regardless. The Mokorotlo blanket features iconic Basotho hats, symbolizing Basotho and Lesotho.
Mokorotlo, the conical straw hat, is known across the world as the symbol of Lesotho. It is inspired by Mount Qiloane, the hill with a sandstone crown, and close to the nation’s legendary fortress of Thaba Bosiu.

The hat is worn to identify national unity and pride. The Mokorotlo is also the song to announce a pitso. Once worn only by men, the new designs now cater for women and the Mokorotlo blanket is worn by everyone. 

The Mokorotlo is also a sign to acknowledge bonds with the ancestors and as protection against evil.

Available colours: 

  • Black / Cobalt / Natural
  • Cobalt / Yolk / Natural
  • Brown / Pink / Peacock

    Size: 155x165cm

    Fabric: 50% Wool 50% Acrylic

    Care: The best way to wash is to hand wash with coarse salt (the salt removes the dirt and keeps the fabric soft). However, it can be washed in the washing machine at a cool temperature - do not exceed 30 degrees Celsius.

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