Bella Vita Kanga Red/Firecracker (My Africa)

R 899.00

Bella Vita Kanga Red/Firecracker (My Africa)

R 899.00
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Product description

This Kanga throw is a tribute to the captivating Kanga fabric that adorns the people of Africa. Inspired by the vibrant heritage of the Kanga fabric that is used by various cultures in Africa. This throw encapsulates the rich history and cultural significance of the fabric. 

The design of the traditional Kanga has a border all around and a central motif.  The earliest patterns included small dots similar to the feathers of the guinea fowl. The swahili word for guinea fowl is "kanga", which is how this fabric got its name.  

Just like the versatile nature of the Kanga, which has become an international design trend today, our throw combines beauty and functionality. 

Each thread tells a story and reflects the resilience of African traditions. Experience the beauty and heritage of Africa with our My Africa Collection Throw, a tapestry of culture and craftsmanship that will truly uplift your surroundings.

Yarn: 100% Super Soft Acrylic 

Care: Machine wash at a cool temperature (30 degrees Celsius)

Do not bleach
Do not iron
Do not dry clean
Do not tumble dry
Keep away from fire

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