Victoria England Badges of the Brave Blanket (Brown and light purple)

R 1,450.00

Victoria England Badges of the Brave Blanket (Brown and light purple)

R 1,450.00
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Product description

The Victoria England is the oldest of the Basotho blanket brands. In 1897 Queen Victoria visited the then Basutoland during her Jubilee year. She gave King Lerotholi Letsie a blanket as a gift. He draped the blanket, poncho-style, over his shoulders and so began the blanket-wearing tradition. The blanket was named Victoria England. The Basotho people had a great love and respect for Queen Victoria and the Victoria England blanket has become a sought-after status symbol. There are six designs in the Victoria Collection: Pelo-Ha-Morena (Heart of the King); Crown; Badges of the Brave; Lehlako (Crest); Skin; Malakabe (Flame).

It deeply celebrates bravery, power, and conquest. The blanket, called “Badges of the Brave”, depicts thirteen iconic and meaningful emblems associated with the brave Forces. 

Available designs: 

  • Red and Gold
  • Yellow and Black 
  • Black and Blue

Size: 155x165cm

Fabric: 50% Wool 50% Draylon Acrylic

Care: The best way to wash is to hand wash with coarse salt (the salt removes the dirt and keeps the fabric soft). However, it can be washed in the washing machine at a cool temperature - do not exceed 30 degrees Celsius.

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